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“A&R Worldwide’s success comes from actively seeking out amazing new talent from around the world and openly sharing their finds with all facets of the industry. They are incredible talent scouts as well as generous relationship brokers who unselfishly welcome everyone to benefit through association.”

ALICEN CATRON SCHNEIDER - Senior Vice President Music Creative Services, NBCUniversal Television

“Sat Bisla is one of the most genuine, passionate, and hard working music executives, whom I have the pleasure of calling a friend. He is a true connector of creatives around the globe, and the glue of the A&R community.”

ATON BEN-HORIN - Global Vice President, A&R, Warner Music Group

“For the last 21 years A&R Worldwide’s Sat Bisla has consistenly been at the forefront of discovering and developing new talent. Sat has the gift of hearing music from artists that matter before the rest of the music industry.”

BRUCE FLOHR - Chief Strategy Office/EVP, Red Light Management & Partner, GreenLight Media/ATO Records (Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead)

“A&R Worldwide is an astounding source for superb international music. I can always count on them to come up with great ideas and help me get the best deals possible.”

CARTER ARMSTRONG – Senior Vice President Film/TV, peermusic

“Sat is truly the epicenter of the music industry on the human level. His passion to connect people and his dedication to furthering the industry really shines bright in our busy lives. Who can't love Sat Bisla!”

CHRIS BARTON - Co-Founder, Shazam

“Sat is the consummate connector. Through his dinners, networking events and conferences, he plugs you into conversations outside your business, sector or country in a way that creates meaningful relationships and opportunities. That his business is simply an extension of his most admirable character trait - he cares deeply about people - is probably what makes him so good at it.”

CHRIS PRICE - Head of Music, BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra (U.K.)

“Sat Bisla [A&R Worldwide] is brilliantly connected on a worldwide basis with such terrific relationships to unearth the next great talent. He also has excellent ears and can spot the hits. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him is blessed.”

CRAIG KALLMAN – Chairman & CEO, Atlantic Records Group

“I have known Sat for many years. Sat has always championed Music and Artists from all over the globe. His international perspective and passion inspires me to look beyond the obvious places for new Talent. Sat has introduced me to some of my most vital relationships in the Music Industry. Most days I am communicating with someone I met thanks to Sat and his Team at MUSEXPO. Above all, I respect Sat as a Family man and friend.”

DANIEL GLASS – President & Founder, Glassnote Entertainment

“A&R Worldwide’s MUSEXPO is a great forum to network with other like-minded executives from all areas of the international music and media business. In addition, it provides a great selection of evening showcases featuring ne talent from around the world.”

DAVID MASSEY – President & CEO, Arista Records

“I often use A&R Worldwide and its newsletter updates to keep up with music industry personnel movements and changes. I also admire the work that Sat Bisla does for emerging artists which is also a personal passion point of mine.”

ELLEN HEALY – Head of Music and Entertainment, PepsiCo Global

“I've known Sat since the early 90s when he tracked me down at Kiss FM for my first ever media interview. His relentless hunger for finding new music and breaking artists has driven him on and now he's probably the most networked guy in the modern music industry with friends and acquaintances in every corner of the world and across the full spectrum of music related industries. He's charming, self-effacing, hard-working, generous and a genuine force of nature. And most of all, a great friend.”

GEORGE ERGATOUDIS - Head of Music UK & Ireland, Apple

“A&R Worldwide Founder Sat Bisla is super passionate about music and always has been, since the early days, when we first met back in 1991, when he was music director and programming radio in Fresno, California at KKDJ “The Edge.” Sat’s always had a genuine passion and great ear for new music from around the world, as well as strong natural instincts for what’s on the horizon for global music trends and movements.”

JOEL KLAIMAN – President, Hitco Entertainment

“I attend A&R Worldwide’s MUSEXPO because while you never know where your next hit will come from, A&R Worldwide & their global network of relationships can definitely help you find it no matter what passport it carries.”

JOHN WATSON – President, Eleven Music & Artist Manager (Gotye, Missy Higgins, Silverchair)

“Sat Bisla’s career spans decades and to maintain that incredible integrity all that time speaks volumes to his character. This is not just a job to Sat it’s a passion. His love for gatherings and networking is never ending and he has connected so many of us creative executives over the years. I am deeply honored to call Sat both a friend and colleague. Sat is a genuine soul and his connections in the industry are truly global. Sat has been an early champion of artists and executives who went on to be global household names. On top of developing his own company he maintains true relationships with executives across the globe.”

KENNY “TICK” SALCIDO - Sr. Vice President, A&R, Red Bull Records

“A&R Worldwide have always championed great new talent in a way that is sorely lacking these days. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and networking is exactly what drives this great business. Their ability to link developing artists with music executives and radio producers and their unerring support to connect like-minded people on a worldwide basis is truly unique.”

KORDA MARSHALL – President/Founder, Infectious Records & EVP Recorded Music, BMG U.K.

“Sat Bisla is certainly a force of nature and I am proud to call him my friend for many years . One of the most connected people in the music business, Sat has a fine talent for spotting talent and for making real human connections with people and I would most absolutely do anything for him. Importantly, Sat goes out of his way for his friends and business partners and that is a rare quality to have combined with his talent. Also, A&R Worldwide’s MUSEXPO remains one of my favourite destinations in the music business for the personal warmth and 'at home' feeling the gathering gives due to Sat and his incredible team!”

MANDAR THAKUR - COO, Times Music (India)

“I have considered Sat Bisla a friend and an equal in our industry for over 30 years. Sat's love of music and his extraordinary knack of putting great people together is second to none. He is an amazing supporter of music from all over the world and has helped many Australian bands on their way to international success, for us most notably Sheppard who Chugg Music are very proud of. If there is a music conference/showcase somewhere you have never heard of, Sat will be there discovering great new acts. We have shared magic moments all over the world; Perth, Toronto, Finland, London, LA, Dubai, NY, Portland, Austin, the San Fernando Valley, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Singapore and more, usually with a fine bottle of red.”

MICHAEL CHUGG - Founder, Chugg Entertainment (Sheppard, Lime Cordiale, Mia Rodriguez)

“Sat Bisla is a connector of people and opportunity. I have made many personal and professional relationships through Sat that have benefited my growth in both ways. I hope I have given as much as I have taken from the relationship.”

MIO VUKOVIC - Sr. Vice President, A&R & Head Of Creative, Disney Music Group

“With their strong international network A&R Worldwide has the ability to bring together the world’s top music talent finders and their annual conference [MUSEXPO] provides a unique opportunity for global artist discovery and marketing opportunities.”

NICK GATFIELD – Founder, Twin Music (Former Chairman & CEO Sony Music, U.K.)

“I’ve known Sat [A&R Worldwide] for over two decades and have always been impressed with his knowledge, candor and ability to spot talent ahead of the curve. His passion for the music always shines through and when he refers something it goes on top of my listening list.”

NIC HARCOURT – DJ & Morning Host, KCSN-FM Los Angeles

"Sat Bisla and A&R Worldwide have a deep understanding of the international music industry. Not only is Sat in touch with the best curators across the world, he's one himself. Sat's friendly, professional and approachable nature makes him a pleasure to work with and a great connector of people."

OLLIE WARDS - Director of Music, TikTok Australia & New Zealand

“A&R Worldwide’s Sat Bisla has always been at the forefront of what’s really happening in music and what is about to happen in both the U.K. and the U.S. His range of contacts and his ear for new music are exceptional and truly special. He was aware of Dido and talking to people about her in the U.S. long before anyone else and his support helped her to get started. He was also extremely helpful in hooking Nettwerk up with contacts at radio globally. Plus he’s just a great guy!”

PETER LEAK – Manager, Red Light Management

“I have known Sat Bisla for over 26 years – he’s been a huge support for not just my music, but much that is innovative, new and original. Before pretty much anyone in the world knew of the existence of artists like Dido, Faithless and Rob Dougan, he was shouting about them from the musical rooftops. As far as I’m concerned, he has such a ‘great ear,’ which I think in the music business is the most valuable thing you can have.”

ROLLO ARMSTRONG – Producer/Remixer/Composer (Faithless, Dido, U2)

“I’m always excited to catch up and work with Sat Bisla. Few executives have such a well-informed knowledge of the entire, global music business and conduct themselves with such integrity and thoughtfulness - and a knack for putting the right people in the same room together.”

RUDY CHUNG - Music Creative & Production - Original Film, Netflix

“I have known Sat for many years. His loyalty, passion and straight up good natured business approach are a great example of how success does not always equate to cut throat.”

SARAH STENNETT – Founder & CEO, First Access Entertainment

“As tastemakers ourselves, our network includes A&R Worldwide as a critical resource. Their vast knowledge and connections add to their ability to musically future forecast with us.”

STEVE SCHNUR - Worldwide Executive & President of Music, Electronic Arts (EA)

“A&R Worldwide’s Founder Sat Bisla has always been a creative thinker who truly understands how music intersects other youth cultures such as gaming. He connects artists and music with partners, platforms, & brands and makes impactful ideas happen. I enjoy working with Sat because he's a music lover who sees why an artist can succeed, connects the dots, and never gives up.”

XAVIER RAMOS – Vice President, Creative Business Development, FaZe Clan