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Sat Bisla
KC Morse
Director of Graphic Design & Photography
Monte Malone
Sr. Vice President
Josh Woodard
Director, New Media & Online
Joe Arnold
Vice President
Dusty Bisla
Operations Manager
Taylor Bartley

If you would like your material to be considered by A&R Worldwide for development and/or consulting resources please send it to:

A&R Worldwide
(*Please note we only accept streaming audio and/or video links. Please do not send files or attachments unless instructed to do so).

Please include clear and concise details relating to your respective artist or company, along with your contact details (name, phone and e-mail). Materials received by A&R Worldwide cannot be returned. If your material meets the quality criteria required by A&R Worldwide, you will be notified directly by a member of our team.

E-mail: info@anrworldwide.com
Phone: (323) 782.0770
(International callers should add +1 before dialing the aforementioned phone number).