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A&R Worldwide provides its artist, executive and company clients with priority access to key information, music/brand strategy and integration services as well as access to its vast global Rolodex of relationships within all sectors of the music, media and technology industries. With decades of worldwide engagement, relationships and experience - A&R Worldwide is always on the forefront of what's happening around the world, as well as being a part of a "change-making" process.

We provide an inside track to premiere global relationships across multiple arenas as well as creative and commercial business solutions, education, marketing insight and day-to-day support.

A&R Worldwide clients are also able to participate at various events around the world, including the widely-respected A&R Worldwide networking dinners, which bring together some of the most important and influential figureheads of the music and media-related industries and are held in multiple global music markets annually.

A&R Worldwide works with a diverse range of companies/brands that have resulted in key outcomes. Below is just a small snapshot of our relationships: